Thursday, May 5, 2022

S218 - Start of Season Poll Result


 Hello ladies and gentlemen, 

We asked your opinion on who's gonna' win the "ML Roulette" this season. The fan favorite, with 14.3% of the votes and the "classy" pink on the charts, is your one and only SStallone, and his team "The Expendables", followed by "Deus" and his team "Sauda" with 8.6% of the votes. 

Two fun facts about SStallone, that all the managers should be aware of, are: 

1. Sstallone is the only manager who won the MLCL twice without making a single sell above 150 mils. 

Does anybody want to help SStallone break his all time sale record?

2. SStallone only won MLCL finals played against other romanian teams. 

According to the polls, we might be headed towards another romanian final. Who's gonna be the next romanian team to play a final against SStallone?

 Forms response chart. Question title: Who will win MLCL in S218?. Number of responses: 35 responses. The poll results on our second question are a bit more polarized with 20% going toward HektorArte, "The Skilled One" and his team, "Akneo", followed by Advent, manager of "Giarra Djinns" with 14.3%, followed by Eliot, manager of "IFK Stockholm" with 11.4% and White Shadow, manager of "White Shadow" with 8.6%.