Sunday, October 31, 2021

ManagerLeague - Hardware update and other rumors

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! 

The long wait for the news servers arrival has proved a bit shorter than expected. With chip shortages everywhere and productions delays all around the globe, we are happy to announce the arrival of the new servers. The servers were ordered in July and the delivery was scheduled for mid November. Dell delivered them a bit earlier than promised. You can check them out in the picture below.


After the initial amazement of that sexy Spinner's knee, I'm sure you're wondering about the specifications of the new hardware. Both new servers are equipped with SSD technology and 8 GB of NV Cache on the raid controllers, 24 core processors with base clock speed at 2.3 Ghz that can be boosted up to 3.2 GHz. One server has 64 GB of RAM and the other has 192 GB of RAM. Although they are meant to boost ML performances and your ML experience, they won't boost your gains, that you'll have to do on your own!

Rumors have it that with the new servers, playing 102 friendlies out of 100 each season will be even harder than it was now. Looking forward to Jiji's input on a new way to play 102 friendlies.

It's been a busy week at the ML hosting center with old hardware flying everywhere.

After some heavy working days (the only way that Spinner knows how to work) with the goal of reducing the space occupied by ML Hardware, this is how the cabinet looks like.

Cable management is an art, certainly not a culinary art, although we had managers claiming that a bit of sauce could turn those cables into a delicious spaghetti dish. Other rumors says that Ratty might set up the headquarters for his new team nearby and literary start "pulling the strings" in hopes to challenge for a new Swedish League title. 

As things stand, the earliest date at which we could expect the new servers to go live, is the 9th of December, The First Day of Season 213. But this date is not set in stones yet, depending on how other things progress, it might get delayed a bit. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Monday, October 25, 2021

The Beginner’s Guide to the ManagerLeague Galaxy - Anouncement

Hello ladies and gentlemen! 

After the last post, during which I covered a bit about schedule and a few of the ManagerLeague Champions League matches, I’ve realized that covering 64 teams, or 7x32 matches is a bit time consuming. Based upon that realization, rather than covering the ManagerLeague Super Cup and Cup Winner’s cup group stages, I’ve decided to try something different today. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to cover the important bits of all ManagerLeague International Competitions knockout stages. 

We all know what ManagerLeague is by now and in case you don’t, the blame is on YOU! Even if you don’t know what ManagerLeague is, because I’m in a very good mood today, I’ll just remind you:

ManagerLeague is an online web-browser based game. And if you ask me, I dare say, it’s the best online football manager game out there. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to try it! I’m sure you’ll be impressed with it’s smooth graphics, immense depth and fantastic community. I’ll even go that far and claim that no other game has a friendlier and nicer community! There are over 100 millions of matches played each season. While it’s main focus is managing a football team, there’s a lot more to it. While I could go on and on about ManagerLeague’s quality as a game, let’s not get to carried away and forget why we are here for, the announcement of The Beginner’s Guide to the ManagerLeague Galaxy! 

The Beginner’s Guide to the ManagerLeague Galaxy

Many fellow managers join ManagerLeague with the hopes of challenging for titles and glory but end up failing. With a good start and some smart decisions you will get there, but it’s gonna take a bit longer than many of us imagined when they joined the game. Just to give you a rough idea, the “quickest” managers out there to win the ManagerLeague Champions League trophy, needed no less than 16 seasons and there’s only two of them who managed to do that. (Shoutout to Jacks and Princess Azula, make sure to send them a congratulations message!) That’s roughly 64 weeks or 448 days. If it feels like a long time, don’t worry, time in ManagerLeague flies by fast. You’re welcome to accept the challenge of doing it sooner, and you’ll have my utmost respect if you can manage it. I am not here to blow sunshine up your you know what, and while at some point somebody could break that record, most of new managers won’t.

It’s nice to have high expectations but rather than relying your in-game satisfaction on winning trophies, which sometimes you will, but most of times you won’t, try aiming to get a bit better each and every day. Success in ManagerLeague depends on it. 

My aim here, with this guide, is to help you get a basic understanding of ManagerLeague. I can and will write this guide for you (and in addition to this guide there’s plenty of support for new manager around the game, you can even ask for a mentor by posting in the “Mentor\"s Thread” from the in-game forum) but I (or anybody, for that matter) can not learn and apply them instead of you.

The Beginner’s Guide to the ManagerLeague Galaxy - Structure

You can have an overview of the preliminary structure of guide below: 

Part 1 - Basic concepts

  1. Intro
  2. Forums & Chat
  3. ML Structure 
  4. Schedule 
  5. Achievements
  6. History
  7. Squad 
  8. Training
  9. Staff
  10. Finances 
  11. Credits
  12. Stadium
  13. Teamstats
  14. Tactics and Events
  15. Matches
  16. Beginner’s Perk
  17. First Day in ML

Part 2 - Intermediate Concepts

  1. Resources Management
  2. Monster Gains
  3. Building a squad of Q95+

Part 3 - Advanced Concepts

  1. Tactical Mastermind
  2. Maintaining a squad at Q95+
  3. Strategies
  4. Lessons Learned

 As you can see, my aim is to make this guide a very comprehensive one. In order to maximize the quality of the guide, I will take a phased approach to it. For  Part 1 - Basic Concepts, I will try to prepare a chapter weekly, then as we progress to the intermediate and advanced concepts things will slow down as those will take more time and I will need some advice from the more experienced managers. 

The structure is open to discussion and I am willing to change it, based upon the feedback I receive.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

ManagerLeague The Schedule and a small story about ML Champions League current standings

I suppose everybody had a look at the poll results by now, if not, what are you waiting for? 

For everybody that is not yet familiar with the ManagerLeague season’s calendar, the Season change happens once every four weeks on a Thursday at 8:00 a.m. GMT. After a busy day packed with a lot market frenzy, the managers get to face each other on Friday, in the Start of  Season Cups specially designed for each Q range. This are the biggest recurring cups in ManagerLeague, but occasionally when veteran managers, like Rational, promise to retire, bigger cups are organized and everybody is invited to join. Rumors say that the only reason why Ratty announced his retirement, was to have the biggest Player Cup out there. Thees  rumors, however, have never been confirmed. Since we are being honest here, Ratty\"s retirement hasn’t been confirmed either and you can still find him lurking around the forums and chat occasionally. Let’s all be nice to him and send him a “Welcome back” message!

During the first weekend of the season, the managers have the opportunity to create or join custom cups, where lots of fun and hopefully player gains are waiting for them. 

Monday afternoon, at 2:00 p.m GMT, the seasons starts with the first League match. This is why Monday, is considered the First “Official” Day of the season. 

On Tuesday, the Second “Official” Day of the season, the International Competitions kick-off, at 11:00 a.m. GMT with the ML Champions League, The ML Cup Winners Cup at 11:15 a.m. GMT and the ML Super Cup at 11:30 a.m. GMT. 

Check back in a few days for more information related to the ML schedule! If it is hard to wait a few more days to find out more about the schedule, feel free to click here and join ManagerLeague! You’ll find a lot more than the schedule there. 

As mentioned above, The ManagerLeague Champions League has kicked of yesterday, on The Second “official” Day of the season with some elite matches and will keep going strong for a few more days of until the Knockout phase will start. 

The ManagerLeague Champions League, nicknamed the “ML Roulette” due to an inside joke, is an elite tournament where only the best managers get to play. It has 64 spots divided among 29 leagues based on well thought criteria. 

The 64 teams teams are divided into 8 random groups. Each group contains eight teams and each team will play against all the other seven teams in their group. The first two teams of each group will qualify afterwards to the Knockout Phase of the competition. 

Champions League  Round 1&2 stories

The polls favorite, with 16.2% of the total votes, Jacks, the manager or Werder Bremen Walle and the quickest manager to ever win the ML CL, in 16 seasons, faced Princess Azula, the manager of Fire Nation and the only manager who equalized Jacks record in the race for the quickest ML CL trophy. After a fierce battle, Jacks came on top and secured a 2-0 win. During the second match he only managed a draw against G. the experienced manager of Liberty FC, current Greek League Champions. 

In the same group, Group 6, White Shadow, manager or White Shadow and Romanian League Winner together with  HektorArte, manager of Akneo and six time ML CL winner are off to a promising start with two wins in their first two matches. 

SStallone, manager of The Expandables is leading Group 1, after a first match win against Coley, manager of Hammers Utd, and a second match win against Treinador X, manager of Imparaveis FC, the runners-up in thr Portuguesse League. 

Roggbif, the legendary norvegian manager of Blest, with more than 100 consecutive seasons spent in the first division, winner of six ML CL trophies and runner up on eight other occasions, has a mountain to climb in Group 2 after wining his first match against Neilos, manager of Sheep United, Winners of Canadian League and losing against Ballzi, the manager of Sporting Lesbian.

The competition for a Knockout Phase spot looks even fiercer Group 3, with Curlybee, manager of Curly FC and first time English League winner is tied with Dr. Jekyll, manager of Squatyden, Indonesian League Runner-ups and with Torip, manger or Toripolliisit. 

In Group 4, NickF, manager of FC Knudde and Park Lane Yid, manager of Audere Est Facere are both of to a good start with two wins in their first two matches. 

Group 5, unofficially named the “Discord Group” is lead by Pluppy, manager of Puppy FC and Albin, manager of Dyringarna, first time Swedish League Winners after a formidable and surprising victory by Fathima, manager or Shayateen El Ahmar, 15 times Indian League Winner in the past 16 season, against Artuk, manager of Anatolia FC and the last three seasons German League Winner. 

Group 7 is lead by Xaros, manager of Immortals FC and - - Bullzeye- -, manager of Majorstua Vikings. 

Group 8 is lead by Gimorao, manager of Papanabos, The International League Winners after a surprising and well deserved win against Adamantine, manager of Naftadon Bourgas, three times ML CL winner and the winner of the last seven Bulgarian League Titles. In second place, we have Furst Mysjkin, manager of Real Vikings, last season’s ML Champions League winner and one of the few “Silver Surfers” that ManagerLeague has. 

With five games left to play and only 16 Knockout spots available, who do you think has what it takes to spin The Roulette in their favor?

Feel free to leave your comments below! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

S211 Major Trophies Winners - poll results

 Hello ladies and gentlemen! The long awaited polls results are finally in!

You can check them out below!

We had 37 people providing a response to our polls, hopefully this number will increase for our future polls.


1. Out of those 37 people:
  • 43.2% are playing in The Norwegian League 
  • 24.3% are playing in The Romanian League
  • 13,5 % are playing in The English League 
  • 19.0 % are playing in one of the other 26 remaining leagues
2. When asked to vote for the ManagerLeague Champions League - Winner, this is how people voted:


  • 16.2% Werder Bremen Walle
  • 10.8% The Expendables
  • 10.8% Curly FC
  • 10.8% Naftadon Bourgas
  • 8.1% Audere Est Facere
  • 5.4% Blest
  • 5.4% Hammers UTD
  • 5.4% FC Anatolia
  • 5.4% Akneo
  • 21.7% Other Team

 3. When asked to vote for the ManagerLeague Super Cup - Winner, this is how people voted:

  • 18.9% Vigurous Vikings
  • 10.8% Massive Attack
  • 10.8% Transylvania Legends
  • 8.1% Classic Ipswich
  • 5.40% RO Dinamo
  • 5.40% IFK Stockholm
  • 5.40% SpartansTM
  • 35.20% Other team

4. When asked to vote for the ManagerLeague Cup Winner's Cup - Winner, this is how people voted:


  • 24.3% Skot
  • 8.1% Bash Street Kids
  • 8.1% FC Timisoara
  • 5.4% Calmed by Nature
  • 5.4% Restricted United
  • 5.4% Blue Samurai UTD
  • 5.4% El Banditos
  • 5.4% Protonbaden
  • 32.5% Other Team

5.  When asked to vote for the ManagerLeague English D1 - Winner, this is how people voted:

  • 29.7% Sporting Lesbian
  • 13.5% Giarra Dins
  • 13.5% Curly FC
  • 10.8% Hammers UTD
  • 10.8% Angry Titans
  • 21.7% Other Team

6.  When asked to vote for the ManagerLeague Norwegian D1 - Winner, this is how people voted:


  • 27% Audere Est Facere
  • 27% Vigurous Vikings
  • 13.5% Blest
  • 8.1% Majorstua Vikings
  • 24.4% Other Team

7. When asked to vote for the ManagerLeague Romanian D1 - Winner, this is how people voted:

  • 29.7% The Expendables
  • 16.2% Ponihosii
  • 10.8% Artool
  • 10.8% HJK Helsinky
  • 8.1% RO Dinamo
  • 8.1% Viitorul Soldanu
  • 5.4% FC Bagau
  • 5.4% Oltul Slatina
  • 5.5% Other Team

There are still a lot of games left to play during this season but there are some teams that are already considered favorites to take home one or more trophies this season. 

Can the teams live up to the expectations set from the early season poll results? Stick around or visit ManagerLeague to find out!

Please let me know if you liked the results of the polls and if you'd like to see more polls in the future. Feel free to leave your toughts and suggestions in the comments sections below!

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