Monday, October 25, 2021

The Beginner’s Guide to the ManagerLeague Galaxy - Anouncement

Hello ladies and gentlemen! 

After the last post, during which I covered a bit about schedule and a few of the ManagerLeague Champions League matches, I’ve realized that covering 64 teams, or 7x32 matches is a bit time consuming. Based upon that realization, rather than covering the ManagerLeague Super Cup and Cup Winner’s cup group stages, I’ve decided to try something different today. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to cover the important bits of all ManagerLeague International Competitions knockout stages. 

We all know what ManagerLeague is by now and in case you don’t, the blame is on YOU! Even if you don’t know what ManagerLeague is, because I’m in a very good mood today, I’ll just remind you:

ManagerLeague is an online web-browser based game. And if you ask me, I dare say, it’s the best online football manager game out there. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to try it! I’m sure you’ll be impressed with it’s smooth graphics, immense depth and fantastic community. I’ll even go that far and claim that no other game has a friendlier and nicer community! There are over 100 millions of matches played each season. While it’s main focus is managing a football team, there’s a lot more to it. While I could go on and on about ManagerLeague’s quality as a game, let’s not get to carried away and forget why we are here for, the announcement of The Beginner’s Guide to the ManagerLeague Galaxy! 

The Beginner’s Guide to the ManagerLeague Galaxy

Many fellow managers join ManagerLeague with the hopes of challenging for titles and glory but end up failing. With a good start and some smart decisions you will get there, but it’s gonna take a bit longer than many of us imagined when they joined the game. Just to give you a rough idea, the “quickest” managers out there to win the ManagerLeague Champions League trophy, needed no less than 16 seasons and there’s only two of them who managed to do that. (Shoutout to Jacks and Princess Azula, make sure to send them a congratulations message!) That’s roughly 64 weeks or 448 days. If it feels like a long time, don’t worry, time in ManagerLeague flies by fast. You’re welcome to accept the challenge of doing it sooner, and you’ll have my utmost respect if you can manage it. I am not here to blow sunshine up your you know what, and while at some point somebody could break that record, most of new managers won’t.

It’s nice to have high expectations but rather than relying your in-game satisfaction on winning trophies, which sometimes you will, but most of times you won’t, try aiming to get a bit better each and every day. Success in ManagerLeague depends on it. 

My aim here, with this guide, is to help you get a basic understanding of ManagerLeague. I can and will write this guide for you (and in addition to this guide there’s plenty of support for new manager around the game, you can even ask for a mentor by posting in the “Mentor\"s Thread” from the in-game forum) but I (or anybody, for that matter) can not learn and apply them instead of you.

The Beginner’s Guide to the ManagerLeague Galaxy - Structure

You can have an overview of the preliminary structure of guide below: 

Part 1 - Basic concepts

  1. Intro
  2. Forums & Chat
  3. ML Structure 
  4. Schedule 
  5. Achievements
  6. History
  7. Squad 
  8. Training
  9. Staff
  10. Finances 
  11. Credits
  12. Stadium
  13. Teamstats
  14. Tactics and Events
  15. Matches
  16. Beginner’s Perk
  17. First Day in ML

Part 2 - Intermediate Concepts

  1. Resources Management
  2. Monster Gains
  3. Building a squad of Q95+

Part 3 - Advanced Concepts

  1. Tactical Mastermind
  2. Maintaining a squad at Q95+
  3. Strategies
  4. Lessons Learned

 As you can see, my aim is to make this guide a very comprehensive one. In order to maximize the quality of the guide, I will take a phased approach to it. For  Part 1 - Basic Concepts, I will try to prepare a chapter weekly, then as we progress to the intermediate and advanced concepts things will slow down as those will take more time and I will need some advice from the more experienced managers. 

The structure is open to discussion and I am willing to change it, based upon the feedback I receive.


  1. Looking forward to the Monster Gains part, and hoping on a part which talks about the matches between Q95+ teams,


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