About ManagerLeague

What is “ManagerLeague"?

ManagerLeague is an online web-browser  based football manager game (although it recently released both an Android and an iOS app) developed by Fifth Season. Each season lasts exactly four weeks, packed with 30 league, weekend cups, League Cup, Department Cup, Start and End of Seasons Cup, ML Champions League, ML Super Cup, ML Cup Winner’s Cup and lots and lots of friendly matches. 

“Fifth Season”… of what and why “Fifth Season”?

Fifth Season is a tiny game-studio located in Oslo, Norway, established in 2000.

In nature, as you already know, there are four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, each with it’s ups and downs, depending on which part of this world you live in. When the company was started the founding members firmly believed, and they still believe that there should be a season for gaming and that season should last forever, hence the “Fifth Season”.  That’s how they call the gaming season. It’s a season where all the things you dream of can turn into reality, a season in which the only limit you have is your own imagination.

Fifth Season’s first game, Planetarion, was one of the stepping stones in web browser games development and enjoyed massive success all across the world. Turbulent years followed, great success and great failures, and the company sold it's assets to pay off debt, and was put to "sleep" for a while.

Then, Spinner, one of the three founding members of Fifth Season, had the ML-idea brewing, and set out to make it on his own. He met Chairman, who invested in the company and they brought it back to life. ManagerLeague was released in September 2005.

In 2014, their third title, AD2460 was released. While technologically cool, and visually interesting, it was a huge flop, and they were in big-ish problems. The next years were mostly spent trying to "fix it", but in the end they had to give it up. The game was shut down completely in March 2020 before a new "version" of ML was released.

During that period, they had to let go of their graphics designer and Spinner had to go back to solo-development, with Chairman being the paperwork-guy and relying on a group of devoted players who volunteer to help ML in any way each of them can.

2021 has brought us countless updates and improvements, and we are eager to find out what is in store for the future...

What is "The ManagerLeague Community"?

The ML Community is composed of all the players that play ManagerLeague and has been around for 840 weeks and still counting. Care to join us?

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