Wednesday, October 13, 2021

ManagerLeague News - Go Live Announcement


Since 2005, ManagerLeague has offered me and other “managers” worldwide a rollercoaster ride. Like many others, I’ve been on and off playing this game for years. I've got the first taste of it, back in 2007, but life got in the way and I stopped playing at some point, in 2011. Years later, in 2018, when starting a new job, I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my coworkers having the time of his life while reading his last match report. It wasn’t long until I was back in, sacking players and setting up a structure for my new team.

The values promoted by ManagerLeague, both inside and outside its game are essential for creating a healthy gaming environment. In a world where everybody is focused on creating an ideal self-image, hiding their flaws just to make themselves a bit easier to like, ManagerLeague created the perfect environment where everybody can feel accepted for who they truly are.

I’m amazed that Fifth Season, the company behind ManagerLeague, refused to place any adverts for gambling sites, just to keep the game children friendly. They sacrificed a lot of financial gains just to protect the Manager League Community and keep it a friendly and safe environment for people of all ages. With one of the smallest team and the support of the ManagerLeague Coumunity they managed to break the language barrier and unite people across different cultures.

I was impressed by how much the game has grown, in the years I've been away from it. Like the best of wines, it started like a sweet tasting grape juice and matured into something a lot more than that.

The game’s overall quality has steadily grown and improved over the years and facilitated the existence of a place where various ideas can be discussed and debated in a respectful manner.

ManagerLeague News

I've been back for almost 50 seasons now, during that time I've found great joy and comfort in playing this game. I’ve formed some friendship and some healthy rivalries. I’ve been called “The One Season Wonder” for winning a minor trophy and failing to back that up with another major trophy for the past 12 seasons.

I have no coding skills, I hate translations and I’m a mediocre manager at best, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to share the gratitude I have for rediscovering the pleasures that only a game like ManagerLeague can give you.

I’ve been thinking about a way to express my gratitude for a while now and, without any intention of sounding arrogant, I consider myself at least above average when it comes to putting numbers into words and create stories out of data. Lucky enough for me, there are more than 100 million matches played throughout an entire season and lots of data and numbers flying around, waiting for somebody to put those numbers into words. While I am not able to give a meaning to every number that you can find in game, I can certainly create a story for some of the numbers around the game.

How many of you remember the story before the MLCL S205 Final? With less than 24 hours before that game, Artuks, manager of FC Anatolia, only goalkeeper got injured, with no posibilities to recover before the game. His main and fiercest rival, from the German League, Jacks, manager of Werder Bremen Walle, the quickest manager to win the MLCL Trophy, listed his main goalkeeper just to give him a fair chance for competing for the trophy. This decision was met with fierce protest on the global channel by most romanian managers until the famous "I'd rather lose my third MLCL Final , than win against a team with with no goalkeeper!" message posted by Iceman2807, manager of Lotus Sibiu calmed the spirits. This story is just a part of the flavour that ManagerLeague brings to the table. 

Great stories give birth to great ideas and ManagerLeague News just happens to be one of them.

I’m Catalynux, manager of Ponihosii join me and thousands of other managers worldwide for an experience like no other and let's keep the stories alive, at



  1. You,ve nailed it in this intro ,been here since S.55, looking forwad to your posts

  2. @Catalynux, wish you best of luck! It will be great to post interviews with some of ML top managers!

  3. I'm working towards a way of bringing in a few interviews, but got nothing certain at this time. It is anyway something that I would certainly love to do.


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