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ManageLeague S211 - International Competitions Update 1

We've finally reached the Knockout Stages of the ManagerLeague International Competitions, below you can catch the highlights of what have been an action packed week.

ML CL Quarter Finals - preview

Gimorao, manager of Papanabos, the winner of the last two seasons of the International League and the Super Cup winner of Season 209, will face H Berg, manager of Granvegen Rovers the winner of the Norway League in the first ML Champions League Quarter Final match of the season. Gimorao qualified to the semifinals after defeating a 10 man Majorstua Vikings team, managed by --Bullzeye--. H Berg smashed Ballzi and his Sporting Lesbian team 4-0 in the quest to the get to the Quarter Finals. Can Gimorao knockout another norwegian team and earn "The Norwegian Slayer of S211" nickname?

Albin and his "valuable" Dyringarna will face Park Lane Yid, manager of Audere Est Facere for a spot in the semifinals. Albin qualified to the quarter finals after a 2-1 victory against "The Skilled" HektorArte, manager Akneo. Park Lane Yid has qualified after a penalty shoot-out win against Torip, manager of Toripolliisit. Who will earn a spot to the semifinals from the "Scandinavian battle" in the quarter finals?

The Silver Surfer and winner of last season's ML Champions League, Furst Mysjkin, manager of Real Vikings will face NickF, manager of FC Knudde, who has been looking to win a trophy for a few seasons now. Will this be NickF's season?

Jacks, manager of Werder Bremen Walle and one of the poll's favorite to win the ML CL this season will face -Bogdan-, manager of Viitorul Soldanu and the winner of the "Romanian Battle" from the first knockout stage round against another fan favorite SStallone. Can -Bogdan- grab another win against another fan favorite and become "The favorit's fear"? 

 ML CL Quarter Finals - Schedule

Papanabos - Granvegen Rovers
Dyringarna - Audere Est Facere
Real Vikings - FC Knudde
Werder Bremen Walle - VIITORUL SOLDANU

ML CL Knockout Stage - results

Toripolliisit - Audere Est Facere 2 - 4
Dyringarna - AKNEO 2 - 1
Majorstua Vikings - Papanabos 2 - 3
Sporting Lesbian - Granvegen Rovers 0 - 4
FC Knudde - Curly FC 2 - 1
Werder Bremen Walle – GRYFON 3 - 1
Real Vikings - Varangians FC 3 - 1
The Expendables - VIITORUL SOLDANU 1 – 2


ML SC - quarter finals preview

The ML Super Cup Quarter Finals kick of with "Battle of Giants" match. Csabyke, manager of Transylvania Legends and four times ML Champions League winner will face Advent, "The Returning Prodigal Son", manager of Giarra Djins and eight times ML Champions League winner. Both Manager have played another three ML CL finals and Advent also played three other ML SC finals, winning two of them. With so many trophies to share among them, who'll come out on top?

Eliot, manager of IFK Stockholm and the winner of last season's ML Super Cup will face Dumi4ever, manager of RO Dinamo for another place in the ML SC semifinals. Dinamo Bucharest, Dumi4ever's favorite romanian team is struggling trough one of their hardest challenge in their entire history, with real chances of relegating for the first time since 1947. Can Dumi4ever and his RO Dinamo secure a place in the ML SC semifinals and show them how is done?

After a smashing 3-0 victory against Frederik and his Odal Black Pumas squad, Muxy, and his legendary playmaker, Constantin Budescu will face another norwegian team, the Vigurous Vikings of Herian, previous ML SC and English League title winner. Herian climbed trough the Norway Division's like a champion that he is and won a penalty shoot-out against Xardax, manager of Shawshank Eagle and a fan of the Gothic game series (in case you haven't played them, it's worth your time). Which team are you rooting for in this game?

Gamlemackan, manager of Vallaboys is looking to find his past time glory in a match against a greek Johan Cruyff's team, Stuck in the 90's. Which of them has what it takes to secure spot in the ML SC semifinal?

ML SC Quarter Finals - schedule

Transylvania Legends - Giarra Djinns
IFK Stockholm - R0 DINAMO
FC Bagau - Vigorous Vikings
Vallaboys - Stuck in the 90’s

ML SC Knockout Stage 1 - results

Transylvania Legends - FC Ruwenda 4 - 2
Giarra Djinns - HNK VikingsSB 3 - 1
IFK Stockholm – GetafeCF 1 - 0
Real Zaragoza - R0 DINAMO 1 - 2
Vigorous Vikings - Shawshank Eagle 5 - 3
Odal Black Pumas - FC Bagau 0 - 3
Vallaboys - Astorianka 1 - 0
Stuck in the 90’s - Академия Порис 2 – 1

ML CWC Knockout Stages - preview

The ML Cup Winner's Cup is a round "behind" the other two International Competitions, due to a more action packed schedule with Department Cup matches scheduled every Wednesday of the season. 

Moving IL, manager of Moving IL will face Ndiwa, maner of BK Bollhav in the first knockout stage match.

SuperGarth and his Real Stortford will face Hafiz Hamid, and his Picang United squad in the second game.

xxxLufciefxxx and his sneaky Bot team name will face face Zazuzizu and his Funatactics squad.

Rion and his HMM III squad, will face AlleMange, manager GKS Morcinek, who hasn't been online in the past 57 hours. Can Rion pull another victory, after the magic he pulled together with - Cosmin - , manager of Restricted United, turning Group 2 into a Romanian owned group?

Karolin, and his FC Timisoara squad will face Imperatore, and his Galatasary squad.

Viktor H and his Fäjerstad BK will face Manskill, manager of Phalnax in another "Scandinavian Duel".

Skot, the tactical mastermind behind Fort Knox, and one of the fan's favorite to win the Cup Winner's Cup this season will face Lord Snooty and his Bash Street Kids.

DS Robbles and his Dirty Rascals will face the second placed manager of  "The Romanian Group" from ML CWC, - Cosmin- and his Restricted United squad.


ML CWC Knockout Stage - schedule

Moving IL - BK Bollhav
Real Stortford - PiCaNG UNiTED
Bot140989 – Funatactics
HMM III - GKS Morcinek
FC Timisoara - Galatasaray
Färjestad BK - Phalanx
Fort Knox - Bash Street Kids
Dirty Rascals - Restricted United

It's gonna be an amazing week with tough matches all across the board in the International Competitions. We are currently working on preparing our first ever interview for the ML-News. Stay tuned for more!

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