Monday, November 1, 2021

ManagerLeague S211 - International Competitions Update 2

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

We wanted some International Competitions actions this Monday and the teams involved surely delivered. We had the pleasure of witnessing 20 goals in 4 ML CL matches, 10 goals in 4 ML SC matches and 33 goals in 8 ML CWC. 

ML Champions League Quarter finals - Review

Panabos vs Granvegen Rovers 3-4 

In one of the most interesting matches from the ML CL Quarter Finals, Pål Andre Helland gave his team, Granvegen Rovers an early lead after his 5th minute goal. The joy was short lived as Mahir al-Rashidi's long distance shot found the back of the net. Granvegen Rovers took the lead again thanks to Pål Andre Helland's great shot and second goal of the game. Kamal Tuladhar's clumsy tackle on the stellar Pål Andre Helland gave away a penalty and Munti had no trouble scoring from the spot. After an inspired decision by Gimorao in the 60th minute, Tom Heinmaa connected well with Mahir al-Rashidi's passes from freekicks and scored twice, once in the 69th minute and once in the 72nd minute, in order to to cancel the two goal lead than H Berg had. Another failed tackle by Kamal Tuladhar in the 79th minute lead to Pål Andre Helland third goal of the game, completing his hattrick in this "One man show" of a match.

Dyringarna - Audere Est Facere 4-1 

Albin and his "valuable" Dyringarna never looked like losing against Park Lane Yid, manager of Audere Est Facere in a match where the opposition scored the only shot on target they managed to take.

Real Vikings - FC Knudde 1-0

The Silver Surfer and winner of last season's ML Champions League, Furst Mysjkin, secured a spot in the semifinals after a perfectly executed counter attacking game against Nick F. Not even Thibaut Courtois's stellar 94 performance display could stop Furst. It's amazing how a team with 0.5 stars in defending managed 16 clean sheets out of 32 games played so far this season.

Werder Bremen Walle - VIITORUL SOLDANU 4-3

Jacks, manager of Werder Bremen Walle secured another spots in the semifinals for the second time in a row, after his 4-3 win against - Bogdan - . I'm sure Jacks tactical display has already made it into SStallone's (the manager knocked out in the previous round by -Bogdan-) notebook. 

ML Champions League Semifinals - Preview

Granvegen Rovers vs Real Vikings
Werder Bremen Walle vs Dyringarna

The ML Roulette seems to spin the swedes way allowing the possibility of a first ever 100% Swedish ML CL Final. Can Furst manage another clean sheet against,  Pål Andre  "Hattrick Hero" Helland in another Scandinavian Battle? Can Albin and his Dyringarna squad deny Jacks the final? 

ML Super Cup Quarter Finals - Review

Transylvania Legends - Giarra Djinns  1-2

Csabyke took the lead in the "Battle of Giants" after a 32nd minute goal, but Advent quickly equalized a minute later and scored the winning goal in the 55th minute.

 IFK Stockholm - R0 DINAMO 1-0

Eliot, manager of IFK Stockholm and the winner of last season's ML Super Cup is through to the semifinals after a narrow 1-0 win against Dumi4ever in a match with where both defenses managed to cancel each other out and giving away only three shots on target combined.

FC Bagau - Vigorous Vikings 0-1

Another lackluster win from Herian's monster team against a very unlucky Muxy, who's keeper failed to catch a ball in the 86th minute.

Vallaboys - Stuck in the 90’s  2-3

The most spectacular game of the ML SC Quarter finals took place between Gamlemackan, manager of Vallaboys and Johan Cruyff's team, Stuck in the 90's. The game rewarded us with the same number of goals as all the other three Quarter Final matches combined. Gamlemackan took the lead after Very Kronos's spectacular freekick goal from 33 meters, but a poor defensive job by Jaded allowed Paul Scholes to equalize one minute later. Johan Cruyff's bold decision to allow 15 minutes for the young acrobat, David Trezeguet , went unpunished after the sub in Hernan Crespo, managed to score twice, first time in the 34th minute and the second time in the 53rd minute. Vaidotas Kunigelis's 81st minute goal, proved to be just a consolation. 

ML Super Cup Semifinals - Preview 

IFK Stockholm vs Giarra Djinns
Stuck in the 90’s vs Vigorous Vikings

Lots of hype before the ML Super Cup semifinals as the draw has rewarded us with two great matches. Elliot, the most recent Super Cup winner will face "The Returning Prodigal Son" Advent, one of ML's greatest managers. The Bold Johan Cruyff will face Herian's monster team. Who will come out on top and secure a spot to the ML Super Cup Final this season? 

ML Cup Winners Cup Knockout Stage - review

Fort Knox - Bash Street Kids 3 - 1

Skot managed to turn things around before half time, after a 1-0 Lord Snooty's lead. Lord Snooty's aggresive strategy punished two of his players with red cards in the second half.

Färjestad BK - Phalanx 0 - 3

Manskills squad won confortably against ViktorH denying him the opportunity to even take a shot on target in a match where he was a clear underdog. 

FC Timisoara - Galatasaray 3 - 4 

Imperatore managed one of the ManagerLeague's most impressive comebacks with a Q93.09 squad against Karolin's Q96.2 squad. The 3-0 lead held by FC Timisoara evaporated after Pepe was dissmised for seeing his second yellow card in the 52nd minute. With a promotion to Romanian First Division still in the cards for his team, Karolin will be faced with a tough decision after this game, should he hold on to Pepe and give him another chance just because he is one of his highest quality defenders or should he look elsewhere after his 9 foul points in 27 games played by him?

HMM III - GKS Morcinek 4 - 0

A match in which Rion did his job against an opponent that hasn't logged in for more than 2 days. Looking forward to the things Rion has in stored for managers that are online. 

Bot140989 - Funatactics 1 - 2

A quite even match that went all the way to the penalties. Phạm Văn Rạng performance in stopping penalties was overshadowed by xxxLuciferxxx's decision to allow him to take the 5th penalty.

Real Stortford - PiCaNG UNiTED 3 - 0

SuperGarth managed to deliver against a counterattacking team with only three defenders after changing his approach to longballs in the second half.  

Moving IL - BK Bollhav 3 - 4

A match that had everything, missed penalty, scored penalty, owngoal and a late goal that changed everything. You should definetly have a look at it!

Dirty Rascals Restricted United 0 - 2

A match won easily by -Cosmin- and the scoreline doesn't even reflect what happend in this game. DS Robles tired squad didn't even manage to get a shot on target.

ML Cup Winners Cup Quarter Finals - preview 

BK Bollhav vs Phalanx
HMM III vs Funatactics
Galatasaray vs Restricted United
Fort Knox vs Real Stortford

With Swedes dominating the ML CL and the ML SC, the only real consolation for the Romanians is that three out of four Romanian Teams have qualified to the quarter finals. How many of them will we see in the semifinals?


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